Denver! Get at me! It’s gonna be one helluvah’ night for my first show here, and I’ve got a very special guest hitting the stage with me for my first folk duo night ever. #denver #folk #music #onemic

I think I might be falling for her…

I thought this would never happen again.

New favorite thing to do, watch the Colorado sunrise.


Anonymous asked:

tell me a joke



she told me she loved me.


liambringsthepayne asked:

Hey Philip! Hope you're doing well and if not then I wish you the best!


Doin’ just fine man! Thanks for asking. Probably better than I ever have.

I adore her, but dare not drag her into this life of mine. Not without fear of hurting her or driving her away.

If you’ve never cleaned your 7 year old Chacos before, go do it. You’ll be amazed and disgusted at what comes out of the straps and footbeds… Sending these boys in for much needed repair and re-webbing.